27 August 2018

Seal workshop

Heat sealing of packaging films can be influenced by machine parameters, film composition, the presence of contamination and seal technology. The seal window is of high industrial importance as it provides a range of parameter settings within which a good seal strength is obtained. This information is not often provided in data sheets. With contamination, the seal window can change and tests are required to characterize the interaction between packaging material, contaminant and sealer. During EVOCOSEAL, a VLAIO-CORNET-TETRA-project, these interactions were investigated and a method was developed to evaluate and optimize both the clean and the contaminated seal performance.


On 20/09, VerpakkingsCentrum IMO-IMOMEC, KU Leuven and Fraunhofer-IVV Dresden are organizing a workshop entitled ‘How to determine seal settings efficiently?’. In this hands-on workshop, you will be guided through the different steps of setting up an experimental design, performing the seal experiments and determining a seal window.


Companies can participate in the workshop for a fee of €100. Please confirm your attendance before 31st of August on this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSddNF-9nziHpM5j0XgPkgSZZ_UrTzjPVwwLREDCuD84dTJsWA/viewform


We will inform you about the timing of the workshop in the week of the 3rd of September.

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