27 August 2018


Glopack: The next generation of packaging should be eco-efficient in respect to its source, usage benefit and end of life. Packaging should reduce food waste and preserve food quality and safety.

The main objectives of the GLOPACK project are to increase the Technology Readiness Levels of packaging solutions in advanced stages of research. Packaging solutions will be presented in a decision support system (software tool) designed to help food producers choose food packaging solutions according to their specific criteria.

The concept of GLOPACK consists in setting up a unique user-driven strategy, involving all stakeholders, including consumers. The strategy aims to fit packaging to food requirements and market complexity by:

1. Developing a decision-supporting tool. This tool will present eco-innovative packaging alternatives to all end-users as viable options when the user’s criteria is met.

2. Demonstrate this user-driven approach on three complementary and Synergistic Key Unlocking technologies: active, intelligent and bio-circular packaging. Consideration will be taken with regard to market sector specificities and barriers.

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