VerpakkingsCentrum (Packaging Technology Center)

The Packaging Technology Centre (VerpakkingsCentrum) is an independent research and test center whose activities are directed towards supporting packaging problems of various industrial sectors. With modern test and characterization techniques and proper scientific interpretation of measurement results, the Packaging Technology Centre supports the customer in a responsible choice or modification of packaging concepts.

The Packaging Technology Centre provides following services to the industry:

  • Applied research, testing and evaluation of materials and packaging
  • Technical advice
  • Packaging innovation & ecodesign
  • Packaging Testing facilities. In the past 10 years, the Packaging Technology Centre has built up the knowledge and expertise to answer the (research) questions from companies with focus on:
    • gas permeability for oxygen, water vapor, carbon dioxide and other non-corrosive and corrosive gases
    • climatological research on effects of temperature and light, whether or not in combination with moisture
    • transport simulations to pallet level for vibration and shock research
    • physical analysis of plastics, paper, folding carton and corrugated board
    • packaging innovation and packaging diagnostics

We inform the industry also through frequent seminars, breakfast sessions and other promotional events in which experts from the research environment, industry or policy-makers can share knowledge and experiences. Company-specific customized training under the guidance of the project engineers are available on request.

  • Project work. The Packaging Technology Centre collaborates with research institutions and companies involved in funded project activities. Through SME-studies, innovation projects, ... we collaborate with companies on packaging innovations. In IWT-funded projects we are member of the users group where we use our expertise to support the research of packaging related projects.

  • Research. Apart from the company oriented service deliveries and projects the Packaging Technology Centre is also active in the applied, more fundamental PhD research. This research is oriented towards the 'Screening / improvement of physical / chemical properties of materials (also bioplastics) through nanotechnology, chemical modification, additives and / or structural modifications, ...'.

Address: Universiteit Hasselt-Technologiecentrum, Wetenschapspark 27, 3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium

Telephone: +32 11 29 21 62 Dr. Nadia Lepot (Project engineer)



Seal workshop

Heat sealing of packaging films can be influenced by machine parameters, film composition, the presence of contamination and seal technology. The seal window is of high industrial importance as it provides a range of parameter settings within which a good seal strength is obtained. This information...
27 August 2018


"OptiBarrier" is a VIS-trajectory that has started on 1st of October 2015. A VIS-trajectory is a IWT Subsidized Flemish Innovation Partnership which aims to deal with specific challenges of a group of companies through innovation . A VIS-trajectory focuses primarily on Flemish companies,...
20 December 2016

Gas permeability

Nanotechnology improves gas barrier properties of bio-materials polyhydroxy alkanoaten
25 November 2016

Physical analysis

The potential of ultrasonic sealing for packaging concepts (ULTRASEAL)
25 November 2016

Transport simulations

Optimization of (transport) packaging and simulation of pallet loads and truck loading
25 November 2016