ESTL nv is a young and dynamic company specialised in:

  • Mechanical testing of components (E.g: Tow bar, bumper, side protections, …)
  • Homologation / type approval
  • Load securing:
    • Advice
    • Static XL tests on body structures of trucks. (EN12642 -A)
    • Dynamic driving tests. (EN12642-B)
    • Shape stability of unit loads (EN12195)
  • Packaging:
    • Optimization of the pallet stability.
    • Optimization of the tertiary packaging (E.g: Stretch wrap, stretch hood, straps, …)
    • Optimization of the interlayers (position and type)
    • Optimization of the stacking patterns
  • R&D – engineering. Our engineering department can help clients to fullfil their projects within the following domains:
    • General mechanical engineering
    • Automation
    • Packaging
  • Development of test machines:
    • FEF-200: Tool to measure the forces generated on the edge of the pallet by the stretch film
    • SPT-300: Tool to measure the rigidity of a shrink bundle
    • FPT-750: Test stand to test the performance of a stretch film

Address: Wafelstraat 46, 8540 Deerlijk, Belgium

Telephone: +32477620614 Jelle Dendauw (Leader packaging division)