Make your packaging sustainable using specific knowhow

The goal of Go4SustainablePackaging is to help companies to improve the sustainability of their packaging.

To do so, Go4SustainablePackaging offers an overview of the available knowhow and assistance that is as complete as possible so that companies can get started on their sustainable packaging immediately.
Various knowledge centres have done a lot of work to acquire knowledge on this subject; they can be your partner in developing packaging and improving the packaging cycle.

Using sustainable packaging is a necessity

The use of sustainable packaging fits into the overall necessity to organise our activities in general so that we can meet our daily needs without endangering the needs of future generations*.

Moreover, sustainable packaging also often generates significant cost savings when the packaging is designed together with the project in a holistic relationship.

The principles of a circular economy are important in this regard.

Sustainability is making conscious choices

The most sustainable packaging is impossible to define. The sustainability of packaging depends on a lot of a factors and will differ in each situation. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer.

It is important to understand which choices can be made when it comes to using sustainable packaging.

The goal of Go4SustainablePackaging is to help companies in consciously and wisely making decisions concerning their packaging development by providing a global image of what is currently available concerning sustainable packaging.

Independent and well-founded

The Go4SustainablePackaging partners are organisations that have the goal to scientifically improve knowledge on sustainable packaging through research and cooperation with companies.

The Go4SustainablePackaging partners offer independent knowledge and advice only. They do not sell any commercial products. The participating partners are responsible for the information they provide. Go4SustainablePackaging does not take a position concerning the information provided by the participating partners.

* Based on the definition of “sustainability” as provided by the UN’s Brundtland Commission.